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Northstar Designers is a privately owned business based in Southern California. The Greater Los Angeles area. Our highly skilled professional design drafters are capable of drawing ANYTHING in AutoCAD. We do not employ an architect or a civil engineer directly, but we do have access to each should there services be required. This enables us to provide our services at a greatly reduced price. Furthermore we do not charge by the hour. We charge by the sheet. We estimate the amount of work to be done on EACH sheet based on similar projects done in the past. This flat rate benefits the customer in many ways. If your project requires two hours of work or 200 hours of work, the price will be the same flat rate. No surprises or creeping prices. It is because, our employees love what they do and we do it so efficiently, we are able to provide this essential service at such a low price.



NorthStar Designers


Northstar Designers


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